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Glory to the Slain

Fight the Fight

Denied by the Cross

Maiden of Shadows

I Am the Sword

Shotgun Evolution

Born of Fire


The Blackest Heart

Demon Holiday


Waking the Moon

At the beginning of 2008 and 2010, the band was German with German members, so Ross was fascinated like main guitarist on specific bands, such as Death Dealer, (not in Germany but in America in New York where he lives permanent)..

But until he made his decision and start his own band, it was ,still ,so many years, and finally, after first finding of right singer by chance, he moved on to their previous album, with more professional American musicians , after that , embolished his old german friends.

The previous album "By Blood Sworn" most of the songs were old "Manowar" songs (covers)!!! and some of his new compositions, it was just an album for people to get used to the brand new singer Marc Lopes, that is, through the performances of the songs, to judge and accept him as a substitute for manowar's Eric Adams..

Ross (Friedman) did not estimate his audience in right way,put at the songwriting tones of adrenaline,cause previous singer Mike Cotoia had nothing similar to the current one Marc Lopes,this guy is a champion hysterical macho singer, the man gets gold metal to the metal-olympics to contest of yelling screaming, and so the whole artistic feeling of the musical work performance changes in vertical level, result of Born Of Fire is that he moves away from epic metal as pompous metal and melodic, it's an aggressive, twisted species,antimelodic full of rage and envy, topics against some supposed black evil existences, persecution at black demons, goes against the exploitative tyrannical monarchs, a fast furious and nasty bumpkin speed, thrash genre ,bullshit, blood here,...blood there, swords here,swords there and shields over there,big heavy Conan swords (call the ambulance to pick up the bodies).

Ross The Boss's opener track is an extremely dynamic and irrationally fast, "Glory To The Slain" ' launching' like bomber is a thrash one in all its glory, while it has a lack of epic _for example__ as to listen something from 'newyorkers' Overkill__the performer makes like a manic in raptures also has a lack of melody too. Then a Brave and full of anger (track) is the "I Am The Sword", where songwriter would wrote that as some epic 'Cirith Ungol' style, namely its an Epic song regards it's topic and lyrics, but musicaly is full of barking and shouts.Rhytm section comes strong in regards bass and drums, this beat turn on listeners.

Two good and genuine angry epic songs are the "Fight the Fight" and the "Shotgun Evolution", steady mid tempo rhytm and bulky drums, Ross guitar penetrates the brain, burning lyrics,that's in general catchy anthems. Another fucking thrash style is "Denied by the Cross", an antimelodic anxious one like to hear Overkill, with sharp lyrics and epic enough but thickening screams from Marc Lopes ,while brave guitar riffs save it.

"Born of fire" titled track is an obscene antimelodic and close to thrash, a full of screams and paroxysm trying to convince that modern metal is full of Aaaarrrgghhh , snaarls!! false compositions and agressive choruses, like Pantera and many many others,thats abstractive artists problem,wants to get out of conservative.

You can't say that the band isn't trying to create an Epic atmosphere,but unfortunately songwriters do not realize that epic stuff wants greatness and not anger and rage.

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2-Trespass On Love

3-Too Bad For Baby

4-Lost In The Dark


6-Victims Of Desire

7-We Do What We Want

8-Built To Please

9-She Bites Hard

10-Big Game

It is for sure that some stupids going to say that this album is made to be as propaganda for the next young generations to learn and honoring the greatest of 80's hair metal (genre).

Seems that any guy's external attitude and hairdo makes great social repercussion, and considered as subversive movement, still that the key term "Hair Metal" as an insult, connote that long hair extension and the appearance of someone with a long "mane" means social hazardous, that's why signing the hairdo as "!!hair" states some evil reaction that comes may be from the secret lobby of "Balds" may be cause the victims of baldness,regards alopecia disease as majority to society of citizens with short hair like convicts of Auschwitz hates the haired.

Line Up:Lion Ravarez_vocals, Chance Vanderlain-Guitar, Weston Janes_Bass, Bobby Laker_Drums,in the vain of Kiss, Ciderella, ACDC, Ratt,Britny Fox, Danger Danger.s

For one thing witch they will be charged that Rosall's vocal expressions are something in between Paul Stanley (kiss) and T.Keifer (Cinderella), but to say the black truth its a transcription of "Britny Fox" and Rossal act just like britny's singer D.Davidson.

The First one "Intensity" is the intro first,a diamond for bands concerts, is full of hooks, beat is full of tension,guitars strong riffs applaud and wrap around,as Rossal's monkey tenor follows the rhythm

After the second the, "Tresspass On Love", the term tresspass could mean incrimination of erotic process,while from musicality we meet weak riffs,but strong orchestrated melody, sweet passionate special for housewives with tattoes on their arms, a feminine track .(Above on This Song Shooted the official <<band's videoclip>>, at the hall stage of a luxury Night Club in Manchester, when the club was empty and closed.)

Third comes "Too Bad For Baby", thats a super sleaze iron track,good inox hooks,case speaks for, unjustified "some Bit Of Skirts" after sex actions,....beated rhythm section from drum pots,!but it's beated rhythmical,beated sentiment of anger, but and of delight and excitement, but not some false blackness way,or violent chords,its delightful.Let's be clear at the last one ,the"Big Game" full of bulk strong 'hooks',excitable melody,an experiential track, relative to gambling, its a mid tempo beat,but it hits straight ears and senses,this should normaly be footaged as the official videoclip.

(first:Dreamlord),(second:Archer Nation),(headliner last:Annihilator)

Noisy: 80%


False Tones:50%

Audiences: Specialists/veterans 80%

+Annihilator have somehow return to shows, in a global view they are an aged band and as it seems stable way to perform ,if not to say downward way. Regards discography they have recorded through the years a lot of albums ,there is a huge amount of material for live stage action .Jeff Waters is the one in charge ,that who keeps the band to go on and in regards shows all crew acting professional and not deviant appearances or drunk incidents, all boys are counted and skilled musicians5:21 μμ 30/1/2020

+The concentration of people was big (biger than expected) specialy 'when it comes' to extrem metal genre like the "thrash" ,yes! was mutch biger .The original support band who were carrying with them Annihilator was the Archer Nation ,but still greek competents put as "makeshift" and a greek good old band the "Dreamlord" .Poor band they perform as "wholesale" for half an hour (30' minutes) since the doors were open( as it seems everybody trying to watch the big band, they choose big names brand name bands, just to be informed in the game of metal (a bad thing about Greek rock musicians is that english is not the native language , so in regards lyrics are heared with stupid accent and bad expression)

+ Then came the time of the official 'support' band ,this was a three piece original American speed /thrash, and their screamy singer dylan roseberg, the act was a typical, out loud unique profesional outfit ,from the States, nice show, nice set from Archer Nation.

+the vocals have been taken over by Jef Waters, okay, you can't say it's completely outmakes a moderately regular, decent presentation quite lyrical and quite melodic.

+Annihilator had come to Athens three years ago, so this time the current line up seems tobe temporary just for the live shows, may be i'm not sure. Of course they didn't start from the very old days but they got the discography from 2010 about there. if i remember well but according to their play list, which was spread by paparazzi later,start song was the "Betrayed", -ascertainment- all members on stage play unique and stable, then was played "Kill Off the Kill" where all moshers jamping exhaustively,in the meantime Jeff Waters stopped in every song, and checking out some comment, which was attached either to the song, or about his band's period....

+Main vocals have been taken over by Jef Waters, okay..!, you can't say it's completely outmakes some moderately regular singing, its a decent presentation quite lyrical and quite melodic, but the man is not the expert for big crowns, nor for high-pitched howls, of course most ous the purists.., when we say Annihilator we mean the times of early years with Coburn Phar. Also other different tracks and hits that were presented, like "Set The World on Fire", like "Knight Jumps Queen", or most recent tracks like "The Trend", and good old stuff ''Shizos-are never alone-", "Alison Hell", and "Phantasmagoria", and "Burns Like A Buzzsaw Blade",something like that, of course the set list might have been predetermined, but it took care to break the monotony with interventions,like some Van Halen riff i guess so , for thrash show it was quite innovative, to say things with their name, the canadians in essence, moving in the american territory (metal-market), thrashers, as good disciplined professionals followed their surname frontman to this 'tourne", they play as good as they can,and the result was satisfactory, bands fanatics have atone to death, thay were moshing for two hours.

(**)Lest we laugh, the Piraeus Academy venue is not so much a part of athens-anticulture, it's basically a glamourous doghouse, for bouzouki and dirty oriental folk guys, but, cunning organizers make sure to make easy deals with the owners and so, conveniently, to take place their extreme metal gigs to an expensive building.



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