Welcome  to  D O G   M U S I C  blog  is a place where we post Hard Rock and Heavy Metal  Reviews
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Judas Priest, Accept, UDO, ANVIL, Virgin Steele, Yngwie Malmsteen, Rhapsody of Fire, Nightwish,Oz,Gamma Ray, Axell Rudi Pell, Cirith Ungol, The RODS, Orden Ogan, Rage, Riot, Savatage, Manowar, Stratovarious, Scorpions, Lizzy Borden, Liege Lord, Iron Savior, Blind Guardian

about that frequency waves we're moving  to review in regards above bands we've exposed them on as an

example, because happens to be super bands

Motley Crue ,Def Leppard   ,Guns N' Roses  ,  Ratt ,Bon Jovi  ,Skid Row , Poison,  Van Halen,  Cinderella , Whitesnake , Warrant,  Scorpions,  Dokken,  Kiss,  Quiet Riot,  Aerosmith,  Tesla,  Twisted Sister,  L.A. Guns, Y&T,  Alice Cooper,  Winger,  Ozzy Osbourne,  Fire House,  Slaughter,  Great White , Lita Ford,  Kix,  Faster Pussycat , Electric Light Orchestra,  Europe,  White Lion,  W.A.S.P.,   Stryper,    Britny Fox ,  The Cult,  Journey,   BulletBoys,    Danger Danger,   Extreme ,  Steelheart ,  Damn Yankees ,   Megadeth,   Iron Maiden ,  Dangerous Toys ,  Krokus,  Lynch Mob,Vixen, Mr Big ,Dio ,David Lee Roth, Autograph, Jackyl , Night Ranger, Shotgun Messiah, Sammy Hagar, Hanoi Rocks, Badlands, Queensryche, Bango Tango, Billy Idol , Enuff Z'Nuff, Vinnie Vincent Invasion, XYZ, Love/Hate, Trixter, Kingdome Come, Black 'N Blue, Junkyard, Sleez Beez,



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